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July 2015

How to divide your Strelitzia clump

Warning, once you have divided your clump, it will take two to three years before it flowers again. They actually like to be pot bound and flower best in big clumps. So perhaps you will re-think the division. If you are worried about the clump encroaching on a wall you could "root prune" it by digging all around the clump so that the rhizomes will be severed. In order to divide the clump, you would need to dig it up and separate the individual plants. Make sure that each plant has several leaves along with the roots. You may have to use a sharp knife to separate the plants.

Choosing plants for the shade garden

When choosing plants for the shade garden, look carefully at aspects like texture and leaf colour. Many of the Plectranthus have interesting, textured leaves which are also fragrant and the Crassula family have glossy leaves and many are interesting shapes. Some of them develop a pinkish outline during the colder months. Variegated leaves also lift the dark shade areas as they bring in the light.


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