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January 2016

Garden ideas for small spaces

1. Illusion is a trick that works well. Put up a mirror that makes the garden look twice it's size. 2. A group of grasses creates the illusion of a meadow. It also creates movement and shadows. 3. Strong lines of paths add interest. 4. A focal point is necessary to make one stop and look. A pot or a statue would do it. 5. A low retaining wall of 30 cm gives one the idea of a bigger space.

How to grow healthy indigenous succulents

Here are 5 pointers. 1. Make sue that you have well drained soil and dig in some washed river sand. 2. Don't over water as they thrive on neglect. 3. Fertilize as you would with the rest of your garden. 4. Make sure that there is sufficient air circulation and sun. 5. Don't over plant and leave space for the plants to grow.

ingredients for a pot to look stunning

There are 3 ingredients to ensure that your pot will be a show stopper. Firstly you need a THRILLER to attract attention and that should be a striking plant, or one with interesting flowers or foliage. Then you need some FILLERS to bulk up the pot so that it looks full. Lastly you need some 'SPILLERS' which will cascade or spill over the edge of the pot. That's simple enough to achieve!
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