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May 2016

Photograph your garden annually.

It can be very demoralizing when starting a garden from scratch. When we established the garden on our plot, we planted little trees that never seemed to grow! It was only when I looked back at the previous years photographs that I realized the progress that they had made. Those who have visited Grow Wild will know that our forests are now well established. It's also a good idea to keep a scrap book of photos from magazines or the internet with interesting features like pots, Aloe gardens, water features etc.

Plant a pot in a pot

If you are dealing with a mass of roots under a tree, dig out the roots and place an empty pot in the hole. Into that pot one can place a potted plant that will grow happily without the competition of tree roots.This method can also be handy if you are experimenting with various plants ability to cope with dense shade. Pot up various species and experiment by placing one in a pot and waiting a few weeks to see how it copes. If it's unhappy, one doesn't have to dig it up and cause root damage. Just replace it with another potted plant.

2L bottle drip irrigation

Save your plastic 2 L bottles as they come in handy as a drip irrigation for newly planted trees and shrubs. Puncture holes all around the bottle and bury it alongside the tree. Fill the bottle with water and it will slowly spread to the roots where is it most needed. This can also be done when planting shrubs.So often only the top few centimeters of soil get water with conventional watering.


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