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July 2016

Tips to make cut flowers last .

Cut the flowers in the early morning when it is cool. Take a bucket of water with you and put the stems into the water as soon as they are cut. Strip the stems of leaves that will be in the water once they have been arranged. Those with milky latex need to be sealed by either burning them or dipping them in boiling water. Woody stems should be crushed so that they will absorb more water. Some folk drop an asprin in the water and others use a few drops of Homeopathic Rescue Remedy to encourage them to last longer.

Why plant indigenous?

Why Plant Indigenous Indigenous is trendy as there is a worldwide swing towards organics and planting local species. • Indigenous plants (sometime also called native plants) are plants that have evolved over thousands of years in a particular region. They have adapted to the geography, hydrology, and climate of that region. These plants occur in communities, that is, they have evolved together with other plants. As a result, a community of indigenous plants provides habitat for a variety of native wildlife species such as songbirds and butterflies. •
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