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February 2017

Homemade Rooting hormones

If you are taking your own slips/cuttings do try these 2 rooting hormones. Make a weak honey solution. It's as simple as that! The other is a Willow bark tea. You can use the alien invader, Salix babylonica or our own Salix mucronata. Scrape about 1 T of the bark off the tree, put it in a pot of water, about 1 litre and bring to the boil. Allow to steep over night. Dip your cuttings into this solution before putting them into riversand/compost mix.

Chillie, onion and garlic insecticide

Put 2 chillies, 1 large onion , a whole bulb of garlic and half a cup of water into the food processor. Put the resulting mash into a bucket and fill with hot water. Steep for 24 hours before using the liquid to spray on aphids, grasshoppers and all chewing and sucking insects. Bury the mash where the infestations are the worst. This is used to deter cut-worms, aphids, caterpillars, ants, slugs and snails.
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