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April 2017

5 tips for using home made insecticides.

1. Try your brew on a few leaves of 1 plant and then watch them over the next few days. If there is no yellowing of the leaves, spray the whole plant. 2. Spray both surfaces of the leaves. 3. Spray once a week and if after a few days you don't see any results, then spray every 5 days. 4. In very hot weather, spray at the end of the day. 5. If it has been raining, wait for the leaves to dry before spraying.

April. What to do in your garden this month.

APRIL What should I be doing in my garden now? It’s tree planting time while the soil is still warm. It is a busy month in the garden. There is always something to keep you busy, whether it be planting bulbs, just tiding up or pruning hedges. Mulch, is a garden's best friend. Spread thick layers of compost or bark chips around trees and perennials, as this will suppress weeds, and protect the roots in the cooler months ahead. Don't worry to dig the mulch in, let the worms do it for you. Evergreens are the back bone of the garden,

Aphid spray made from Basil.

This spray is effective against aphids. Bring 4 cups of water to the boil and add 1 cup of fresh basil leaves. Bring to the boil again and then leave to steep with the lid on. When cold, strain and put into the spray bottle along with 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent. Spray both the top and the under surfaces of the leaves.
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