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February 2018

Tall indigenous trees



Acacia sieberiana - large and fast, deciduous

Acacia xanthophloea –large and fast, deciduous

Acacia galpinii and Acacia karoo – up to 10m


Celtis Africana – white stinkwood – deciduous- up to 25m


Harpephyllum caffrum –  wild plum evergreen – up to 25m


Kiggelaria  africana  – wild peach - evergreen – up to 15m tall with a wide canopy


Millettia grandis – umzimbeet – deciduous- 25m


Mimusops zeyheri – Tvl red milkwood – evergreen- 12m rounded crown


Short trees for a townhouse garden

Evergreen Small Trees

Apodytes dimidiate   White Pear

Bauhinia tomentosa   Yellow Tree Bauhinia

Buddleja auriculata   Weeping Sage

Buddleja saliga   False Olive

Calpurnia aurea   Wild Laburnum

Dodonaea angustifolia   Sand Olive

Dovyalis caffra   Kei Apple

Dyschoriste thunbergiflora   Purple Bells

Freylinia tropcia   Honeybell Bush

Halleria lucida   Tree Fuchsia


Poisonous indigenous plants

I have never come across a child or an adult sitting down to a meal of a poisonous bulb, leaves or seeds, but we are often asked about plants that are poisonous to horses and dogs! If you are worried, please call the Poison Centre on 0800333444 for advice.


Abrus precatorius  Lucky Bean. This climber produces beautiful seed clusters of red and black seeds. They are often made into bracelets and necklaces. A single seed is considered fatal, however if a seed is swallowed whole, it wall pass through the system as the seed coat is very hard.


Hedging a thorny barrier

Hedging - Thorny Barrier
Evergreen Shrubs
Aloe arborescens
Aloe ferox
Aloe globuligemma
Aloe marlothii
Evergreen Trees
Carissa macrocarpa
Carissa bispinosa
Cariss edulis
Cassinopsis ilicifolia
Dovyalis caffra
Dovyalis rhamnoides
Gymnosporia heterophylla
Phoenix reclinata
Scutia myrtina
Deciduous trees
Acacia abyssinica
Acacia ataxacantha
Acacia burkei
Acacia caffra
Acacia galpinii
Acacia karoo
Acacia natalitia
Dichrostachys cinerea


Aloe flowering guide

Aloe tenuior, Rambling, 3m
Aloe zebrina, Spotted Aloe, 0.5m
Aloe cooperi, Grass Aloe, 1.2m
Aloe dyeri, Spotted (Shade), 2m
Aloe zebrina, Spotted Aloe, 0.5m
Aloe cooperi, Grass Aloe, 1.2m
Aloe dyeri, Spotted (Shade), 2m
Aloe zebrina, Spotted Aloe, 0.5m
Aloe cooperi, Grass Aloe, 1.2m
Aloe dyeri, Spotted (Shade), 2m
Aloe marlothii, Single Stem, 2-4m



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