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July 2018

Benefits of planting trees

Trees absorb carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen which we need to live. Those that grow on river banks reduce erosion and flooding. A treeless environment would not only be a great loss to all the birds, animals and insects that rely on trees but a very strange world. They do beautify the landscape and provide an environment for breeding and feeding for a diversity of wildlife. The shade in summer that is created by large trees reduces the cost of air conditioning whereas they slow the cold winds in winter and this saves heating costs.


Dyes made from Indigenous plants


Aloe zebrina and Aloe marlothii roots are used for a yellowish brown dye.

Aloe cryptopoda roots produce a reddish brown colour.

Berchemia discolour roots also produce a reddish brown colour whereas the boiled fruit gives an orange dye.

Carissa macrocarpa fruit is boiled to produce a pink dye.

Cassine aethiopica bark makes a brown dye.

Combretumm erythrophyllum roots result in a dark brown dye.

Diospyros lycioides roots produces a yellowish brown dye.

Harpephyllum caffrum bark is boiled to produce a mauve or pinkish dye.

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