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Love Charms made from SA plants

Acacia caffra – roots are a love charm. Aptemia cordata Asparagus virgatus – Love charm and a protective charm. Burchellia bubalina roots. Combretum erythrophyllum roots are an aphrodisiac and the bark aids fertility. Cyrtanthus breviflorus – love charm and has protective qualities. Dombeya rotundifolia. Gladiolus dalenii – love and fertility charm, brings good luck. Gazania rigens – root infusion is a love charm. Gloriosa suberba – aphrodisiac and love charm, aids impotence and infertility. Heteropyxis natalensis – bark is an aphrodisiac and treats impotence.

The Language of flowers

The language of flowers dates back to the early Chinese Dynasties and was brought to Europe by the King of Sweden in 1714. Queen Victoria’s fascination with the language of flowers in 1847 prompted her to spread the word throughout the world. Ironically it came full circle as Kate Middleton chose specific flowers for her bouquet when she married William in 2011. The flowers Kate used in her bouquet were : Lily of the Valley for the return of happiness. Hyacinth for the constancy of love. Ivy for fidelity and friendship. Other South African flower meanings :


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