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The Hidden Life of Trees

I've just finished listening to a fascinating Audible book. The Hidden Life of Trees, what they feel, How they communicate - discoveries from a secret world. By Peter Wohlleben. " How do trees live? Do they feel pain or have awareness of their surroundings? Research is now suggesting trees are capable of much more than we have ever known. The author puts groundbreaking scientific discoveries into a language everyone can understand". Look out for it.

April. What to do in your garden this month.

APRIL What should I be doing in my garden now? It’s tree planting time while the soil is still warm. It is a busy month in the garden. There is always something to keep you busy, whether it be planting bulbs, just tiding up or pruning hedges. Mulch, is a garden's best friend. Spread thick layers of compost or bark chips around trees and perennials, as this will suppress weeds, and protect the roots in the cooler months ahead. Don't worry to dig the mulch in, let the worms do it for you. Evergreens are the back bone of the garden,

Tips to make cut flowers last .

Cut the flowers in the early morning when it is cool. Take a bucket of water with you and put the stems into the water as soon as they are cut. Strip the stems of leaves that will be in the water once they have been arranged. Those with milky latex need to be sealed by either burning them or dipping them in boiling water. Woody stems should be crushed so that they will absorb more water. Some folk drop an asprin in the water and others use a few drops of Homeopathic Rescue Remedy to encourage them to last longer.
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