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Indigenous plants to ensure that your sunbirds have nectar all year

Spring flowering trees which a rich in nectar are Schotia brachypetala, Erythrina and Halleria lucida. Shrubs include Watsonias, Tecoma capensis, Aloes and Strelitzia regina. Summer flowering plants include Burchellia bubalina, Kniphofia, and Agapanthus. Autumn flowering Aloes like Aloe dyeri, Leonotis and Velthemia . Winter has an abundant variety of Aloes, Salvia africana- lutea and Proteas.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day on Sunday 5 June certainly promotes a greater appreciation of nature, the environment and the universe. We witness, with horror man’s greed, waste and total disrespect for the environment. We can make a difference in our own gardens but bear in mind that gardening is a slow process as plants need time to grow strong roots before they make strong plants. So what do we do in our own gardens to contribute to WED? Gardens are a mini eco system and they achieve many positive things all by themselves.


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