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Constructing a Wetland garden

A wetland garden provides us the opportunity to plant beautiful water loving plants in our gardens.It also provides an excellent wildlife habitat and you will enjoy frogs and dragonflies.This can either be a freestanding feature or it can be constructed next to a fish pond. Mark out the area for your wetland and dig out about 45 cm of soil. Place the pond liner, which should be at least 0.5cm thick, into the pond. Pierce the liner every 1 m or so and then cover with gravel. Mix some compost into the excavated soil before returning it to the the pond. Water well and wait until the soil level has dropped before planting. We have beautiful indigenous flowering plants that can be used like the Aristea, Crinums, Crocosmia, our gorgeous Dieramas, Hesperantha, Kniphofias and Zantedescia. Chondropetalum, Gunnera, Cyperus, Juncus and Setaria will provide interesting green leaf and texture. Experiment and enjoy the fruits of your labour. When your first Dragonfly arrives you will know that it was worth the effort.
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