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Dealing with weeds

When starting a new flower bed one can put down a large sheet of plastic and cut out the plastic in the places where you want to plant trees and shrubs. One can then cover the plastic with mulch, gravel, pebbles or wood chips. They say that if you plant close together then the weeds are crowded out. A thick layer of mulch will deter weed growth and will also provide structure and fertilizer to your soil. If you have weeds growing in the garden then digging them out individually is far better then digging over the soil in the bed as this brings new weed seed to the surface. Gardeners love to dig over the beds so do stop them from this habit. If there are too many weeds then try one of these poisons that you can make at home. 2 cups of water with a quarter cup of vodka and 1 Tablespoon of dish washing liquid. Spray on the weeds and this will dry them out and kill them. If you would rather save your vodka then try this recipe instead. 3 and a half liters of vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 Tablespoon of dish washing liquid. This mixture will also dry out the weeds and kill them. If there are weeds growing in your paving, pour boiling water or petrol on them.
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