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Frost hardy bulbs

Agapanthus inapertus – Drooping Agapanthus Crinum bulbispermum – Orange-River Lily (pink) Crocosmia aurea – Falling stars - orange Dierama sp – Harebell (pink and white) Dietes sp –Wild Iris – (white or yellow) Drimiopsis maculate (green) Eucomis autumnalis - Pineapple Flower (green) Galtonia candicans – Berg Lily – (white) Gladiolus dalenii and others Haemanthus humilis – Dappled Snowbush – (white) Hypoxis hemerocallidea – African Potato (Yellow) Hesperantha coccinea – Scarlet River Lily Kniphofia sp – Red Hot Pokers (orange) Nerine sp - mainly pinks Ornithogallum saundersiae - Chinkcherinchee - white Scadoxis puniceus and Katherina – Paintbrush – red Scilla natalensis and krausii – Blue Squill Tulbaghia violacea – Wild Garlick (mauve) Watsonia sp – mainly oranges and pinks Zantedescia albomaculata – Cream Arum Z pentlandii – Yellow Arum Z rehmanniana – Pink Arum
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