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Frost hardy climbers and groundcovers

Climbers Clematis brachiata – Traveller’s Joy (white) Gloriosa superba – Flame Lily (orange) Podranea – Port St John’s or Zimbabwe creeper (pink) Groundcovers Artotheca calendula – Cape Marigold (Yellow) Asparagus sp – Cat’s Tails Asparagus Bulbine frutescens – Stalked Bulbine (Yellow) Carpobrotis – Sour Fig – (Pink) Crassula expansa – Felicia amelloides – Kingfisher daisy (blue/white) Helichrysum sp – (white/yellow) Gazania rigens – Trailing Gazania (yellow/ white) Lampranthus - Vygies Lobelia species Osteospermum – Mauve and white trailing daisy Othonna capensis - Scabiosa - Pincushion
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