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MARCH - What to do in your garden

March is a wonderful month in the garden, as the days grow shorter, our thoughts turn to our Winter and Spring gardens. Gardening in the cooler weather is a joy, so tidy up and plant bulbs, like Babiana, Freesia, Sparaxis, Tritonia and Ornithogallum in compost and Bone meal. Plant Namaqualand daisy. Lift and divide Agapanthus and Dietes, and replant into freshly-composted soil. Cut back foliage to encourage root growth. Check Clivias, Crinums and Agapanthus for lily borer caterpillars. If the surface of the leaves of these plants has turned brown or developed blisters, you'll know these pests are in residence. Adjust watering systems to accommodate the cooler temperatures and shorter days. Reduce water to harden off the plants in preparation for Winter. Mulching will keep weeds at bay, retain much needed moisture and feed your growing plants. Autumn is the ideal time to plant. Invest in plenty of bags of compost and start preparing beds for spring-flowering bulbs and bedding plants . Add a good layer of compost (at least 5cm) of compost as a mulch to existing beds to give your plants some extra nutrients. This will help to protect the roots from the cold in Winter. Don’t dig it in or it will encourange weeds. Feed all shrubs and the lawn with a potassium-rich fertiliser, or 3.1.5 to strengthen the cells and stems before Winter comes. Most water plants die down in Winter so clean out your water features and ponds. Start buying Crop Guard fabric ready to cover your plants in Winter. Date to remember this month: 21st Human Rights Day
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