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Planting seeds

The best time of the year to plant seed is in spring. The soil and the air are warm and this stimulates growth. Fill a container with a mix of soil and compost and place the seeds on top of the soil, leaving space between the seeds. Cover them with a tin layer of soil and water well. Keep in a shady place to ensure that they don't dry out. One can cover them with Glad wrap to ensure that they don't dry out but be sure to lift it and allow air in, every couple of days. Some seeds germinate very quickly but others can take months so this is an exercise in patience. Once the seedlings are 5 to 10 cm tall, prick them out carefully so as not to damage the roots and plant each into their own containers. Even after all these years I still get such a thrill seeing the new leaves of a germinated seed. How a huge tree can grow from a seed which is the size of a grain of sand is, in my mind, miraculous!
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