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Tag: Attracts Bees

Create a garden for bees

Plant a variety of plants that flower throughout the year. Bees like flowers that are blue ,yellow ,violet and purple. Bees are attracted to fragrant flowers.
Avoid the use of pesticides.
Acacia karroo - Sweet Thorn
Berchemia zeheri – Red Ivory
Brachylaena discolour - Forest Silver Oak
Buddleja saligna - False Olive
Buddleja salvifolia - Sagewood
Calodendrum capensis - Cape Chestnut
Carissa macrocarpa - Big Num Num
Combretum erythrophyllum - River Bushwillow


Create an indigenous wildlife friendly garden

To create a garden that will attract wildlife and birds one needs to choose a wide variety of trees and plants that fruit and flower throughout the year, so as to provide a constant supply of food and nectar. Then create these habitats within your garden. 1. Water is essential so provide a wetland with a pond or a birdbath. I often see dragonflies above our pond! 2. Sand bathing is enjoyed by birds and guineafowl so just leave a patch of soil unplanted. 3. The open area is a lawn or a meadow with wild grasses and low growing groundcovers.
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