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Tag: Shade

Shady Vertical garden using water loving plants

Vertical Garden in the shade

for water loving  plants



Adiantum cappillus-veneris

Cyrtomium falcatum

Pteris vittata




Zantedescia aethiopica

Cyperus prolifera



Fillers and “spillers”

Aptemia cordifolia

Asystasia gangetica

Falckia repens

Isolepsis cenua

Selaginella kraussiana



Retaining wall in the shade

Retaining Wall – Shade
Aptenia cordata – Brak Vygie
Asystasia gangetica - Creeping Foxglove
Chlorophytum - Gold Nugget
Chlorophytum bowkeri - Bowker's Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum comosum 'vittatum' – Hen & Chicks
Chlorophytum modestum - Dwarf Chlorophytum
Cineraria saxifragra - Wild Cineraria
Crassula capitella - Camp Fire
Crassula ernestii - Crassula Lanuginose var Pachystemon ex
Crassula expansa
Crassula multicava - Fairy Crassula
Crassula multicava - Ruby
Crassula nana
Crassula nudicaulis


Choosing plants for the shade garden

When choosing plants for the shade garden, look carefully at aspects like texture and leaf colour. Many of the Plectranthus have interesting, textured leaves which are also fragrant and the Crassula family have glossy leaves and many are interesting shapes. Some of them develop a pinkish outline during the colder months. Variegated leaves also lift the dark shade areas as they bring in the light.

How to get the best display of flowers from your Clivia plants.

Clivia do like an acid soil and you can achieve this by adding bark chips to the soil as it lowers the PH levels. Don't forget to add compost and mulch well. Keep the plants dryish during the winter as this will stimulate the formation of flower spikes. Enjoy a mass of flowers in Spring!


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