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Tag: Pot Plants

Clay pots. Soak before planting

When planting into a clay pot, soak your pot in a bucket of water until there are no more air bubbles rising to the top of the bucket. If the pot is too big then fill it with water and wait for the pot to absorb the water. This means that once you have planted up the pot, the water will be absorbed by the soil and not the pot. Clay pots require more water than plastic or glazed pots.


Indigenous house plants will clear toxins and pollutants from your environments as well as providing oxygen. One only needs 2 plants for every 100 square meters. Think of shade loving plants especially from the Sanseviera family, the Mother-in-law's tongue.

Are your hanging baskets drying out too quickly?

Hanging baskets are known to dry out quickly and become high maintenance to keep them looking good. If this is your problem, remove the plants carefully so as to prevent root disturbance. Keep the basket liner in place and place a babies disposable nappy on the liner with the plastic side facing the liner. Replant and water well. The nappy will absorb water which is then available to the plants after the soil has dried out. This will save a lot of time and your hanging baskets will benefit. The same can be done with plants in pots and retaining walls.

Drainage holes in pots

My grandmother taught me to fill the bottom of a pot with small pebbles so that there would still be drainage but the soil and the water would not rush out. Although I don't like to promote the use of polystyrene as it's not biodegradable or recyclable, it could be used in big pots as they would then be lighter to move. I have also seen folk using babies disposable nappies to line the pot as they will retain moisture. This is probably a great idea to use nappies in hanging baskets which notoriously dry out very quickly.


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