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Tag: Sun

Retaining wall in the sun

Retaining Wall – Full sun
Agapanthus praecox blue/white - Common Agapanthus
Aptenia cordata – Brak Vygie
Arctotis sp - Yellow Flower
Asparagus sprengeri - Emerald Fern
Asparagus sprengerii var mazeppa- Emerald Fern
Asystasia gangetica - Creeping Foxglove
Barlaria obtusa - Bush Violet
Barlaria repens 'purple prince' and pinks
Carissa green carpet - Dwarf Num Num
Carissa macrocarpa - Big Num Num
Cineraria saxifragra - Wild Cineraria
Crocosmia aurea –Yyellow & Orange
Delosperma cooperi - Pink Vygie


Indigenous plants for Rooftop Gardens

There are many advantages of green roofs other than just looking good. They help to stop the rain gushing down and therefor stop storm water runoff as well as keeping the building cooler indoors. The benefit to humans and animals is that the plants process the carbon dioxide from vehicles and produce oxygen, without which we would not live. They retard fires and help to reduce both noise and air pollution. Once planted up, they will require watering or irrigation until such time as the plants have established themselves.


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