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Tag: Trees

Tall indigenous trees



Acacia sieberiana - large and fast, deciduous

Acacia xanthophloea –large and fast, deciduous

Acacia galpinii and Acacia karoo – up to 10m


Celtis Africana – white stinkwood – deciduous- up to 25m


Harpephyllum caffrum –  wild plum evergreen – up to 25m


Kiggelaria  africana  – wild peach - evergreen – up to 15m tall with a wide canopy


Millettia grandis – umzimbeet – deciduous- 25m


Mimusops zeyheri – Tvl red milkwood – evergreen- 12m rounded crown


Short trees for a townhouse garden

Evergreen Small Trees

Apodytes dimidiate   White Pear

Bauhinia tomentosa   Yellow Tree Bauhinia

Buddleja auriculata   Weeping Sage

Buddleja saliga   False Olive

Calpurnia aurea   Wild Laburnum

Dodonaea angustifolia   Sand Olive

Dovyalis caffra   Kei Apple

Dyschoriste thunbergiflora   Purple Bells

Freylinia tropcia   Honeybell Bush

Halleria lucida   Tree Fuchsia


Game - trees utilised by game.

This list will be useful if you need to rehabilitate a game farm.
It will also make your next trip to a wilderness area more interesting
as you observe what the game are eating.
We have not listed the grass species.
Acacia burkei – Leaves browsed by black rhino, elephant, giraffe, kudu, nyala, impala, steenbuck and grey duiker. Pods by game and bushbabies. Gum by monkeys.
Acacia caffra – considered a good fodder tree, utilized by black rhino.


The Hidden Life of Trees

I've just finished listening to a fascinating Audible book. The Hidden Life of Trees, what they feel, How they communicate - discoveries from a secret world. By Peter Wohlleben. " How do trees live? Do they feel pain or have awareness of their surroundings? Research is now suggesting trees are capable of much more than we have ever known. The author puts groundbreaking scientific discoveries into a language everyone can understand". Look out for it.

Winter tree pruning tips

Trees need to be pruned to protect against falling branches. If the trees have grown so tall that they are closes to overhead power lines, DO NOT be tempted to prune them. Call your service provider to do the job. Thinning out the crown of the tree allows more light and air flow. Remove all diseased branches and dead ones. To encourage height remove all the lower branches. Stand back and look at the shape of the tree and decide if there are any other unsightly branches that need to be removed.

How to plant a tree.

When planting a tree, dig the hole bigger and deeper than the bag. A square hole will stop the roots from going round and round. Once that is done, fill the hole with water and leave it to dissipate into the surrounding soil. This will encourage the roots to venture out and this will ensure a strong tree. Mix your compost with some of the dug out soil,superphosphate and fertilizer and place it into the bottom of the hole. The tree goes in next and the rest of the compost mix goes in around the tree. Water well. It is far better to leave the water running in slowly so as to saturate the soil.


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