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Tag: Drought Resistant

How to plant a tree.

When planting a tree, dig the hole bigger and deeper than the bag. A square hole will stop the roots from going round and round. Once that is done, fill the hole with water and leave it to dissipate into the surrounding soil. This will encourage the roots to venture out and this will ensure a strong tree. Mix your compost with some of the dug out soil,superphosphate and fertilizer and place it into the bottom of the hole. The tree goes in next and the rest of the compost mix goes in around the tree. Water well. It is far better to leave the water running in slowly so as to saturate the soil.

Top 5 tips for caring for your new garden

1. Keep your exposed soil well mulched with leaves, bark or thin branches to minimize water and nutrient loss. The earthworms will come up to retrieve these and convert them into compost. Do this annually, I normally do it in winter, and you will see your soil improve and therefore the growth rate of your plants will increase. 2. Do not till your beds as this disturbs the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. Gardeners love this job, so do try and break the habit.

How to get the best display of flowers from your Clivia plants.

Clivia do like an acid soil and you can achieve this by adding bark chips to the soil as it lowers the PH levels. Don't forget to add compost and mulch well. Keep the plants dryish during the winter as this will stimulate the formation of flower spikes. Enjoy a mass of flowers in Spring!


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