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Tag: Retaining Walls

Retaining wall -succulents

Retaining Wall - Succulents
Aloe ballii - Ball's Cliff Aloe
Aloe cooperi - Cooper's Aloe
Aloe dyeri - Dyer's Aloe
Aloe striata/maculata - Coral Aloe
Aloe tenuior - Basuto Kraal Aloe 4 L
Aloe vanbalenii - Van Balen's Aloe
Aptenia cordata - Brakvygie
Bulbiine abyssinica - Golden Stars
Bulbine frutescens - Stalked Bulbine
Bulbine natalensis – Broad Leaved Bulbine
Carpobrotus - Sour Fig
Cotyledon orbiculata - Fire Sticks
Cotyledon orbiculata - Pig's Ear
Crassula capitella - Camp Fire


Retaining wall in the shade

Retaining Wall – Shade
Aptenia cordata – Brak Vygie
Asystasia gangetica - Creeping Foxglove
Chlorophytum - Gold Nugget
Chlorophytum bowkeri - Bowker's Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum comosum 'vittatum' – Hen & Chicks
Chlorophytum modestum - Dwarf Chlorophytum
Cineraria saxifragra - Wild Cineraria
Crassula capitella - Camp Fire
Crassula ernestii - Crassula Lanuginose var Pachystemon ex
Crassula expansa
Crassula multicava - Fairy Crassula
Crassula multicava - Ruby
Crassula nana
Crassula nudicaulis


Retaining wall in the sun

Retaining Wall – Full sun
Agapanthus praecox blue/white - Common Agapanthus
Aptenia cordata – Brak Vygie
Arctotis sp - Yellow Flower
Asparagus sprengeri - Emerald Fern
Asparagus sprengerii var mazeppa- Emerald Fern
Asystasia gangetica - Creeping Foxglove
Barlaria obtusa - Bush Violet
Barlaria repens 'purple prince' and pinks
Carissa green carpet - Dwarf Num Num
Carissa macrocarpa - Big Num Num
Cineraria saxifragra - Wild Cineraria
Crocosmia aurea –Yyellow & Orange
Delosperma cooperi - Pink Vygie


Are your hanging baskets drying out too quickly?

Hanging baskets are known to dry out quickly and become high maintenance to keep them looking good. If this is your problem, remove the plants carefully so as to prevent root disturbance. Keep the basket liner in place and place a babies disposable nappy on the liner with the plastic side facing the liner. Replant and water well. The nappy will absorb water which is then available to the plants after the soil has dried out. This will save a lot of time and your hanging baskets will benefit. The same can be done with plants in pots and retaining walls.
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