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Indigenous plants for Rooftop Gardens

There are many advantages of green roofs other than just looking good. They help to stop the rain gushing down and therefor stop storm water runoff as well as keeping the building cooler indoors. The benefit to humans and animals is that the plants process the carbon dioxide from vehicles and produce oxygen, without which we would not live. They retard fires and help to reduce both noise and air pollution. Once planted up, they will require watering or irrigation until such time as the plants have established themselves.

Create an indigenous wildlife friendly garden

To create a garden that will attract wildlife and birds one needs to choose a wide variety of trees and plants that fruit and flower throughout the year, so as to provide a constant supply of food and nectar. Then create these habitats within your garden. 1. Water is essential so provide a wetland with a pond or a birdbath. I often see dragonflies above our pond! 2. Sand bathing is enjoyed by birds and guineafowl so just leave a patch of soil unplanted. 3. The open area is a lawn or a meadow with wild grasses and low growing groundcovers.

Why plant indigenous?

Why Plant Indigenous? Indigenous is trendy as there is a worldwide swing towards organics and planting local species. • Indigenous plants (sometime also called native plants) are plants that have evolved over thousands of years in a particular region. They have adapted to the geography, hydrology, and climate of that region. These plants occur in communities, that is, they have evolved together with other plants. As a result, a community of indigenous plants provides habitat for a variety of native wildlife species such as birds and butterflies.

Butterfly "puddler"

To encourage butterflies we need to plant host plants that will proving nutritious leaves for the caterpillars, their favourite nectar plants and a place for them to drink fresh water. This can be made in a shallow dish or an old birdbath.Fill with sand and place some sticks and stones for the butterflies to land on. Add water or stale beer. They do like their beer! You could also add over ripe fruit as this is also a source of nectar. Sit back and wait for the butterflies to enjoy their new drinking 'fountain'.


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