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Tag: Fragrant

Fragrant Plants

Acacia ataxacantha Flame Thorn
Acacia eriloba Camel Thorn
Acacia galpinii Monkey Thorn
Acacia karroo Sweet Thorn
Acacia sieberiana Paperbark
Acacia tortilis Umbrella Thorn
Acacia xanthophloea Fever Tree
Acocanthera oppositifolia Bushman Poison
Albizia adianthifolia Flat Crown
Apodytes dimidiate White Pear
Asystasia gangetica Creeping Fox Glove
Buddleja auriculata Weeping Sage
Buddleja saligna False Olive
Buddleja salviifolia Sagewood
Bulbine capitata Scented Grass Bulbine


Fragrant Leaves

Fragrant leaves are useful if you are doing a flower arrangement as they freshen the air. They can also be used for potpourri. Some people use the crushed leaves of Plectranthus as a body wipe or wash. They grow best in the shade or semi shade. Artemesia afra is a medicinal plant with very strongly scented leaves that are used to cure sinus and other ailments. Clausena arisata's common name is "perde pis" so that gives you an idea of how pungent they are. They are however boiled as a tea to cleanse the body internally. These trees attract butterflies.
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