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Tips and Advice

Flowering plants occurring on the Highveld that we grow.

Agapanthus inapertus, Aloe arborescens, Aloe greatheadii, Aloe marlothii, Ammocharis coranica, Barlaria obtuse, Boophane disticha, Bulbine abyssinica, Clematis brachiata, Crinum bulbispermum, Crinum macowanii, Delosperma herbeum, Dierama medium, Eucomis autumnalis, Gladiolus dalenii, Gomphostigma virgatum, Hypoxis hemerocallidea, Scadoxus puniceus,  


Caring for your new garden

 Keep all exposed soil well mulched to minimize
water and nutrient loss by the sun. The mulch (3-5cm of
leaves, dried grass cuttings and soft plant material)
eventually turns into compost as an added bonus.
 Do not till the beds. It disturbs the beneficial micro-organisms
of the soil. Loosen slightly if compacted after
applying fertilizer and slightly dig in the yearly dose of compost if still warm.
 For the first month, water daily and water trees deeply
twice a week. After that, generally water less frequently,


Bulbous Plants

Agapanthus inapertus - Drooping Agapanthus (Flowers in Jan to Mar)
Albuca nelsonii - Candelabrum Lily (Flowers in Sep to Dec)
Albuca tortulosa - (Flowers in Oct)
Ammocharis coranica - Ground Lily (Flowers in Oct to Jan))
Aristea ecklonii - Blue Stars (Flowers in Oct to Dec)
Boophane disticha – Tumbleweed (Flowers in Jul to Oct)
Bulbiine abyssinian - Golden Stars (Flowers in Spring)
Bulbine frutescens - Stalked Bulbine (Flowers in Sept to Jun)
Bulbine natalensis – Broad Leaved Bulbine (Flowers in Spring)


Trees with aggressive roots

All ‘Acacia’ now Senegalia and Vachellia species – Thorn Trees

Breonadia salicina - Matumi

Bridelia micrantha - Mitzeeri

Buddleja salvifolia – Sage Bush

Cussonia paniculata – Highveld Cabbage Tree

Cussonia spicate – Lowveld Cabbage Tree

Erythrina latissima – Broad – Leaved Coral Tree

Erythrina lysistemon – Coral Tree

Ficus all species - Fig

Kigelia africana – Sausage Tree

Kirkia acuminata – White Syringa

Leucosidea sericea - Ouhout

Olea europea subsp africana – Wild Olive


Creating a Cottage Garden using indigenous plants

Cottage gardens are charming and can be achieved by creating winding paths and arches laden with climbers like Thunbergia alata, Senecio macroglossus and the Jasminums.

Ideal small trees and shrubs are Polygala myrtifolia, Freylinia tropica, Mackaya bella for the shade, Bauhinia natalensis and tomentosa, Anisodontea Classic serice, Erythrina humeana, Grewia occidentalis And Leonotis leounrus.


Tall indigenous trees



Acacia sieberiana - large and fast, deciduous

Acacia xanthophloea –large and fast, deciduous

Acacia galpinii and Acacia karoo – up to 10m


Celtis Africana – white stinkwood – deciduous- up to 25m


Harpephyllum caffrum –  wild plum evergreen – up to 25m


Kiggelaria  africana  – wild peach - evergreen – up to 15m tall with a wide canopy


Millettia grandis – umzimbeet – deciduous- 25m


Mimusops zeyheri – Tvl red milkwood – evergreen- 12m rounded crown


Short trees for a townhouse garden

Evergreen Small Trees

Apodytes dimidiate   White Pear

Bauhinia tomentosa   Yellow Tree Bauhinia

Buddleja auriculata   Weeping Sage

Buddleja saliga   False Olive

Calpurnia aurea   Wild Laburnum

Dodonaea angustifolia   Sand Olive

Dovyalis caffra   Kei Apple

Dyschoriste thunbergiflora   Purple Bells

Freylinia tropcia   Honeybell Bush

Halleria lucida   Tree Fuchsia



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