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Tips and Advice

Using baby powder in the garden.

1. Hares and beetles don't like walking on powder so sprinkle the perimeter of your garden beds. 2. Protect the roots from root rot by sprinkling them before planting. 3. Sprinkle on leaves to prevent beetles and worms from eating the leaves. 4. Sprinkle inside garden gloves as this will make it easier to get them off. 5. Sprinkle inside garden boots as this will also help to get them off more easily.

Vinegar in the garden

1. Mix half a cup of vinegar, quarter cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon syrup and 1 cup of water. Place in containers to attract flies which then drown in the liquid. 2. Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and place on garden beds to keep pets off the garden. 3. Wash rusted tools in vinegar and dry well and spray with 'Spray and Cook' to protect them. 4. Scrub old clay pots with vinegar and they will look as good as new. 5. At the end of a session in the garden, soak your feet in vinegar water to clean them and relax tired muscles.

Pesticide using onion skins.

Save all your onion skins in the freezer until you have sufficient. Bring about 2 L of water to the boil and put the onion skins into the water. Once this has cooled, it can be put into a bucket and left in a warm spot for a week. Strain off the liquid and add some liquid soap and spray plants to prevent aphid attacks. Bury the bits of onion skin around the plants.


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