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Wachendorfia thrysiflora

(Blood Root)

Wachendorfia thrysiflora or Blood root has very distinctive leaves that are pleated. The flower spike can grow to 1.5m and is covered in star shaped yellow flowers. It occurs in the winter rainfall areas so would need watering during the winter on the Highveld. It has beautiful red colouration on the bottom of the stems and their roots are red as indicated by their common name. A very dramatic plant and worth planting near a pond, water feature or dam.

Zantedeschia aethiopica

(White Arum Lily)

A much loved evergreen groundcover which is fast growing in the shade or semi-shade. The large white flowers occur in spring and they attract birds and butterflies. There’s a multitude of uses for this much loved flower, either in wetlands, near water features or in containers. It has medicinal uses as well as culinary uses as the tubers are eaten and the leaves produce a yellow dye.

Typha capensis


Typha capensis Bulrush These plants are deciduous and grow to about 2 m tall. They are often seen on the verge of a dam, wetland or river where the roots filter the water. It is frost resistant, fast growing and has brownish flowers in summer. Birds use these as nesting sites and humans utilize it for many things eg the rhizomes are used for meal and the leaves are useful for brooms, weaving and thatching. It is also medicinal,

Zantedeschia rehmanni

(Pink Arum)

Grassland specie, flowers last well in the vase.

Pteris vittata

(Banded Fern)

This fast growing and attractive fern has fairy broad leathery fronds that are up to a meter long. It is a beautiful fern which likes to be planted in light shade under trees or anywhere in the garden where it get a little bit of sun. It requires lot of watering especial in hot ,dry weather and its half hardy to frost.

Salix mucronata

(Safsaf Willow)

Salix mucronata Safsaf Willow SA Tree No. 36 A medium sized deciduous tree, which is frost resistant and drought resistant. It occurs along rivers, in wetlands in the sun. The yellow flowers are seen in summer. It attracts birds, butterflies and mammals. It is lovely near a pond or a dam but bear in mind that it has aggressive roots. It has medicinal and magical uses.

Setaria megaphylla

(Broad-Leaved Bristle Grass)

Setaria megaphylla Broad-Leaved Bristle Grass This evergreen groundcover grows about 1m tall in the wetlands, sun or semi shade. It is frost resistant, fast growing, and bears white flowers in summer. Birds strip the leaves for nest building, and it also attracts butterflies and mammals. Strangely it is also eaten by dogs and antelope.


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