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Black spots on Vachellia/ Acacia xanthophloea bark

Unfortunately this fungal disease is rather common on Fever Trees. The fungus has been identified as a rust, similar to Uromyces. The suggestion is to totally spray the trunks with triazole type fungicides. (Defender or Bumper 30 ml per 100 L water) Probably the most popular treatment is a total drench with Trichotec --- Trichoderma spp. A living fungi that is antagonistic to many other pathogenic fungi. After the drench it is essential to cover as much of the treated trunk with newspaper to shield the Trichoderma from ultra violet light for a few weeks.

Top 5 tips for caring for your new garden

1. Keep your exposed soil well mulched with leaves, bark or thin branches to minimize water and nutrient loss. The earthworms will come up to retrieve these and convert them into compost. Do this annually, I normally do it in winter, and you will see your soil improve and therefore the growth rate of your plants will increase. 2. Do not till your beds as this disturbs the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. Gardeners love this job, so do try and break the habit.


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