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Agapanthus nana

Miniature Blue||White Agapanthus

It is impressive in mass planting or borders along flowerbeds and paths.
Plant Type: 
General Size: 
Flowering time: 
Flowering Colour: 
Shrub Size: 
25 - 35cm
Long Description: 
An evergreen groundcover that grows to 25cm high and 35cm wide with grass-like leaves and sky blue or white flowers. It flowers in profusion in summer. It is frost resistant, drought resistant and fast growing. It thrives in the sun, shade and semi-shade. It is also an ideal plant for container. It attracts birds and butterflies. If it is mass planted it is impressive sight. It is also suitable for townhouse gardens. Use them in mixed borders, within flowerbeds or along pathways. The word 'nana' means dwarf or small.
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