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Boophane disticha


Twisted fan shaped leaves are distinctive, medicinal, poisonous. Protected plant.
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General Size: 
Flowering time: 
Flowering Colour: 
Shrub Size: 
1m x 1m
Long Description: 
This bulb is deciduous in winter and grows to 1m x 1m so it is frost resistant. It is also water wise as it is drought resistant. They grow in our grasslands in the full sun and produce stunning red flowers in Spring. It can be used for containers where the moles won’t get at them. When not in flower the twisted, fan shaped leaves are distinctive. After flowering the seed stalk dries and breaks away and the seeds are distributed as it tumbles along. hence the common name. Although it is poisonous and is used as an arrow poison it is used medicinally for headaches and sin diseases. The leaves are stuffed into mattresses to cure sleeplessness.This is a protected plant in South Africa and is planted as a protective charm.
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