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Sanseviera pearsonii

Elephant toothpick

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Sansevieria pearsonii Elephant toothpick This is an evergreen succulent plant with leaves that are stiff, erect and cylindrical up to 1,5m long, with dark green vertical stripes. They end in a sharp point. The flowers are white or tinged pinky blue and are produced in a spray up to 1m long. They open at night. The plant spreads by creeping and is happy in dry, sandy areas. They are useful as accent plants in a dry area and look good planted near rocks and Aloes. The discoverer of the Sansevieria, Vincenzo Petanga wanted this plant named after Pietro Antonio Sansevierino (1724-1771) who established a garden of rare and exotic plants in the south of Italy but Carl Thunberg named it after Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771) an Italian nobleman, inventor, soldier, writer and scientist.
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