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Vepris lanceolata

White Ironwood

Porcupines eat the bark, medicinal, timber.
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This medium sized, evergreen tree grows to 6m high in open woodland but in deep forests it becomes a tall graceful tree with a gently rounded crown of shiny light green foliage. The whitish grey bark is smooth and the tiny yellowish flowers appear in sprays from December to March. The leaves and fruit are dotted with oil glands that release a citrus smell when crushed. The small, black fruits are favoured by birds. It tolerates only light frost and is fairly drought resistant once established. It makes a good screen. It grows very well in sandy soil. It is ideal for small gardens as it has non aggressive roots. Also great for bird gardens. It attracts butterflies especially the Citrus Swallowtail. The roots are powdered and used as a remedy for influenza.
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