Aloe arborescens

Krantz Aloe, Kransaalwyn

Leaf sap for burns, medicinal.

Bulbine frutescens

Stalked Bulbine

Leaf gel has excellent healing properties for relieving stings, burns, rashes and cold sores. Popular with landscapers. Eaten as a relish.

Dietes bicolor (Yellow Wild Iris)

This evergreen groundcover is frost resistant, water wise and will happily grow in the sun. The yellow flowers open in spring and attract birds – insect eaters as well as butterflies. It is a clump-forming, graceful plant which prefers a well-watered position. It is ideal for small gardens. The name is derived from the Greek […]

Gazania rigens

Trailing Gazania

Roots used as a love charm, mass plant for effect.

Mundulea sericea

Cork Bush

Twigs used as toothbrushes. Beautiful bark is used as an insecticide and fish poison, leaves used to bleach hair. Medicinal.