These are the tall plants that will be happy in an atrium garden. Monitor that they are not getting too much water as there won’t be the natural evaporation that we see in a garden. These are used as the backdrop to your atrium.

Carissa macrocarpa

Large Num-Num, noem-noem

Makes good jam, fruit is highly nutritious and produces pink dye, very attractive.

Dracaena aletriformis

Large-Leaved Dragon Tree

A lovely foliage plant, can be grown indoors.

Duvernoia adhatodoides

Pistol Bush

Attractive with dark Green leaves and brilliant white flowers.

Halleria lucida

Tree Fuchsia

Lovely drooping habit, excellent garden subject, medicinal and magical. Edible fruit.

Asystasia bella was Mackaya bella

Forest Bell Bush

Glossy dark green leaves, occurs along streams, wood used to make fire by friction.