 Keep all exposed soil well mulched to minimize
water and nutrient loss by the sun. The mulch (3-5cm of
leaves, dried grass cuttings and soft plant material)
eventually turns into compost as an added bonus.
 Do not till the beds. It disturbs the beneficial micro-organisms
of the soil. Loosen slightly if compacted after
applying fertilizer and slightly dig in the yearly dose of compost if still warm.
 For the first month, water daily and water trees deeply
twice a week. After that, generally water less frequently,
but for longer to encourage deep rooting of the plants,
making them more drought-resistant.
 Dead-head spent flowers to encourage more flowering.
 Loosely stake young trees between two stakes to allow
them movement.
 Prune when necessary, but beware that over- pruning
limits flowering.
 Compost yearly and fertilize every 4 – 6 months:
o April: 2.3.2 for strong root formation over the
winter months
o August:3.1.5 and 5.1.5 for beds and 2.3.2 for
o December: 3.1.5, 5.1.5 for beds to ensure
sustained strong growth, healthy foliage and
profuse flowering and 2.3.2 for lawns