It’s easy to make compost in a heap above the ground. Place large sticks on the ground as this will allow for air to flow into the compost heap. Pile up layers keeping lawn clippings separate by using leaves and twigs between as the lawn clippings tend to compact. Put all your fresh, raw kitchen peelings etc on the heap and a thin layer of garden soil occasionally. You can also add shredded paper or newspaper. Don’t add cooked food, rather put that out on the bird feeder. Water each layer well and be patient. The compost should be ready in about 3 months. One can also aerate the heap by turning it with a fork from time to time. If you were to make compost in a black rubber garbage bin, it would speed up the process as the contents will get hot and break down faster. Adding Comfrey, Calendula, Nettle, Tansy or Yarrow to your compost will speed up the process and add valuable nutrients.