Court Yard Gardens STEP 1: Keep it simple. Consider the style of furniture, number of chairs and shape of the table to best fit the space, without making it look cluttered. Carry a theme right the way through. STEP 2: Create space. Try to use similar materials to build walls as used on the rest of the house. Trellis, wooden slats and small openings help to create space. Mirrors and garden art add interest and create depth. If the area is small, use cool colours, such as blue, green, grey and white. STEP 3: Add water. A water feature adds interest, creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity and has a cooling effect in summer – even a small birdbath will do. STEP 4: Less is more. Whatever style of courtyard you choose, make sure it suits the architecture of the house and your lifestyle. STEP 5: Select the right plants. Select plants that look good all year round. Keep the varieties of plants to a minimum and repeat them throughout the garden and in containers – create a theme. Containers are great for small gardens as the plants can be moved or swapped around when they are not looking their best.