Try the following tips to create a drought resistant garden. Dig in large quantities of compost to improve the soil structure and it’s ability to retain water. Apply sufficient organic fertilizer as plants use water efficiently when the nutrient levels are balanced. Too much fertilizer results in lush growth which demands more water and makes the plant susceptible to frost in the winter.Grey and silver leafed plants reflect the sun’s rays and help them conserve moisture.Plant small plants as they will become more resilient as they adapt to your garden. Before planting into a pot, soak the pot in a bucket of water. Before planting a tree, dig the hole and fill it up with water so that it will dissipate into the surrounding soil. This encourages root growth.Once planted, cover the garden bed with 5 cm of mulch. Consider making a gravel bed and planting Aloes and succulents. Get rid of your lawn, or some of it and plant a meadow of bulbs and wild grasses.