This list will be useful if you need to rehabilitate a game farm.
It will also make your next trip to a wilderness area more interesting
as you observe what the game are eating.
We have not listed the grass species.
Acacia burkei – Leaves browsed by black rhino, elephant, giraffe, kudu, nyala, impala, steenbuck and grey duiker. Pods by game and bushbabies. Gum by monkeys.
Acacia caffra – considered a good fodder tree, utilized by black rhino.
Acacia karroo – leaves browsed by black rhino, giraffe, kudu and bushbabies. Nitrogen bacteria are found on the roots which add to the fertility of the soil and the nutritional value of the grasses. Flowers are eaten by monkeys.
Acacia nigrescens – leaves browsed by elephant, kudu and giraffe. Flowers eaten by baboons, monkeys and giraffe.
Acacia robusta – leaves browsed by kudu
Acacia sieberana – pods browsed by game but the leaves contain prussic acid which is dangerous to stock.
Acacia tortilis – leaves browsed by antelope and giraffe. Pods are eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Acacia xanthophloea – giraffe and elephant eat leaves, monkeys and baboon eat pods.
Albizia adiantiformis – leaves browsed by elephants and blue duiker.
Aloe ferox – leaves are browsed, flowers eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Aloe marlothii – leaves are browsed, flowers eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Antedesma venosum – fruit by antelope and monkeys.
Apodytes dimidiate – leaves and bark browsed by black rhino. Fruit by monkeys and game.
Antidesma venosum – leaves browsed by kudu, elephant, nyala and bushbuck. Fruit by monkeys and baboon.
Berchemia zeheri – leaves browsed by game, bark eaten by porcupine.
Brachylaena discolor – leaves browsed by nyala, bushbuck, red and blue duiker. Black rhino strip the bark.
Bolusanthus speciosus – eaten by monkeys.
Buddleja salvifolia – browsed by game.
Calodendrum capensis – seeds eaten by Samango monkeys.
Calpurnia aurea – eaten by dassies.
Carissa bispinosa – browsed by game, fruit for monkeys.
Cassine athiopica – leaves browsed by game.
Celtis africana – browsed by game and fruit eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Clerodendrum glabrum – browsed by game.
Coddia rudis – leaves and stems browsed by game.
Combretum erythrophyllum – leaves eaten by kudu, bushbuck, eland, giraffe and elephant.
Combretum molle – leaves browsed by antelope.
Cussonia spicata – leaves browsed by elephant and kudu. Bark and roots by black rhino,baboon and bushpigs.
Dichrostachys cinerea – Pods eaten by rhino, monkey, giraffe, bushpig, impala, nyala, kudu and buffalo.
Diospyros lycioides – fruit eaten by dassies and bushbuck.
Dombeya burgessiae – bark and leaves browsed by black rhino.
Dovyalis caffra – Browsed by game and fruit eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Ehretia rigida – browsed by game.
Ekebergia capensis – browsed by antelope , and fruit by baboon and monkeys.
Erythrina lysistemon – leaves and bark browsed by black rhino, elephant, baboon, kudu, nyala and klipspringer. Flower buds eaten by vervet monkeys.
Euclea crispa – fruit eaten by mongoose , antelope, baboon and monkeys.
Euphorbia ingens – monkeys at the fruit, roots eaten by porcupine and cane rat.
Galpinia transvaalica – browsed by antelope, giraffe and elephant.
Gardenia cornuta – fruit eaten by monkeys and baboon.
Gardenia thunbergia – fruit eaten by elephants, buffalo and antelope.
Gardenia volkensii – fruit eaten by monkeys, baboon and large antelope.
Grewia flavescens – leaves browsed by game.
Grewia occidentalis – leaves browsed by antelope.
Halleria lucida – browsed by game.
Heteromorpha trifoliate – browsed by black rhino and game.
Kigelia africana – leaves browsed by kudu and elephant. Baboons and monkeys feed on nectar from the flowers, fallen flowers are eaten by antelope.
Kraussia floribunda – fruit eaten by monkeys and baboon. Leaves by black rhino and antelope.
Lonchocarpus capassa – browsed by game.
Milletia grandis – bark eaten by baboons.
Nuxia floribunda – leaves browsed by kudu, bushbuck, nyala, klipspringer, red and grey duiker.
Olea europea subsp africana – browsed during drought and fruit eaten by monkeys.
Pappea capensis – fruit eaten by monkeys.
Pavetta gardenifolia – fruit eaten by monkeys.
Peltophorum africanum – leaves browsed by game, elephant, kudu, giraffe and bark by black rhino.
Phoenix reclinata – Fruit eaten by monkeys and elephant.
Phyllanthus reticularis – browsed by antelope and fruit by monkeys.
Podocarpus falcatus – fruit eaten by bats, monkeys and bushpigs.
Podocarpus latifolius – fruit eaten by monkeys and bushpigs.
Pteroxylon obliquum – leaves browsed by impala, giraffe and kudu.
Rhoicissus tridentate – browsed by game and black rhino, tubers eaten by bushpigs, porcupine, and baboon.
Rhamnus prinoides – browsed by game.
Rhus chirindensis – leaves and bark utilized by black rhino, kudu, nyala, bushbuck and red duiker. Fruits by Vervet and Samango monkeys.
Rhus pentheri – leaves browsed by black rhino, impala, nyala and kudu. Roots by Vervet
Rothmannia capensis – fruit eaten by baboons, vervet and samango monkeys.
Rothmania globosa – fruit eaten by monkeys.
Salix mucronata – monkeys eat the flowers.
Scutia myrtina – browsed by game.
Senecio barbetonicus – browsed by game.
Schotia brachypetala – leaves browsed by baboon, giraffe, kudu, impala, nyala and black rhino. Nectar by baboons and monkeys.
Spirostachys africana – fruit eaten by antelope and monkeys.
Strelitzia nicolai – monkeys eat the flowers.
Syzygium cordatum – fruit eaten by bushpig and monkeys.
Tabernaemontanum elegans – fruit eaten by monkeys.
Tarchonanthus camphoratus – leaves browsed by giraffe, black wildebeest, grey duiker, eland, kudu, sable antelope, nyala, impala and springbok.
Trema orientalis – leaves browsed by kudu.
Veperis lanceolata – bark eaten by porcupine.
Vangueria infausta – leaves browsed by antelope, bushbabies, monkeys, baboons, squirrels and bushpigs. Fruit eaten by monkeys, baboons, antelope and tortoise.
Zanthroxylum capensis – leaves browsed by small mammals.
Ziziphus mucronata – leaves browsed by giraffe and the fruit by baboons, monkeys and warthogs.