There are several ways that plants are adapted to being waterwise. 1.Succulents are the first to come to mind. Consider plants like Aloes, Bulbine, Cotyledons, Portulacarya and Crassula families. 2. Some plants have a wax layer which prevents transpiration. Think of Grewia occidentalis and Jasminum multipartitum. 3. Families of small, needle-like leaves like the Agathosma, Coleonema and The Erica species. 4. Bulbs like Cyrtanthus, Scadoxus, Gladiolus, Gloriosa and those with tuberous roots like Kniphofia, Crinums and Dietes. 5. Plants with grey leaves reflect the sunlight. Consider Arctotus, Helichrysum and Artemesia afra. 6.Plant a waterwise tree like the Buddleja saligna or the Grewia occidentalis as they create shade for the more thirsty plants. 7. Hairy leafed plants decrease waterloss especially Eriocephalus, Helichrysum and Leonotus.