Understanding frost Most of the Highveld drops to -8 during the Winter. A north-facing slope is warmer than a south-facing slope. Hill tops are warmer than low lying areas. Wide open spaces are colder than built up areas of walls or vegetation. Plant the hardy plants, wait a few years before planting those tender species. Cover the stem/trunk with thatching grass or hessian for the first 2-3 years. Frost hardy Diospyros austro-africana Diospyros lycioides Euclea crispa Leucosidea sericea Rhamnus prinoides Searsia (Rhus) lancea Very frost hardy – will cope in a new garden in Johannesburg. If frosted they should recover. Acacia erioloba Acacia karroo Buddleja auriculata Buddleja saligna and salvifolia Calpurnia aurea Chrysanthemoides monilifera Combretum erythrophyllum Crotolaria capensis Dodonaea angustifolia Ehretia rigida Euclea – most species Grewia occidentalis Heteromorpha trifoliate Ilex mitis Kiggelaria africana Leonotis leonurus Olea africana Searsia (Rhus) pyroides, pendulina Polygala myrtifolia Tarchonanthus camphoratus Ziziphus mucronata