What a wonderful world we can give to our children, if we instill the love of gardening, which will last the rest of their lives, and bring so much joy. Our children loved digging holes and planting and we still refer to various plants by the child’s name who planted them. Our grandchildren too enjoy harvesting seed, planting and eating fresh vegetables from the garden which they pick themselves. What to do with the various age groups. 1-3 year olds explore the soil and love to water their plants. Just think of the fun children have in a sand pit.They will need to be watched as it’s also the stage of ripping things apart. 3-5 year olds also enjoy soil but become more creative making hills of soil covered in leaves, pathways of pebbles or wood. Tunnels are another adventure. The girls like to make a space for a tea party. It’s the beginning of an appreciation for plants. 5-7 years become very social so the garden becomes a place to invite friends. Building becomes more adventurous and boxes, stones, shells and towels are used to build forts and houses. It is also time to introduce them to a sensory garden. 7-9 year olds are intrigues by stories, fairy tales, myths and legends. They make secret gardens, are attracted to tall trees and tree houses where their imaginations can expand. 9-12 year olds can be introduced to the concept of farming where they can have their own plot. They are introduced to the cycle of planting seed, growing, tending, weeding, watering and finally harvesting. Teach your children about nature and watch them bloom. Show them the birds, bees, butterflies, worms, caterpillars and bumble bees and instill in them the desire to become custodians of the earth.