Fragrant leaves are useful if you are doing a flower arrangement as they freshen the air. They can also be used for potpourri. Some people use the crushed leaves of Plectranthus as a body wipe or wash. They grow best in the shade or semi shade. Artemesia afra is a medicinal plant with very strongly scented leaves that are used to cure sinus and other ailments. Clausena arisata’s common name is “perde pis” so that gives you an idea of how pungent they are. They are however boiled as a tea to cleanse the body internally. These trees attract butterflies. Clerodendrum glabrum is another plant that has a host of medicinal properties. The leaves are infused as a tea to expel internal parasites. It is also a very pretty tree. Heteropyxis natalensis is also medicinal and is a lovely little tree for a small garden. The leaves smell like lavender when crushed and that’s were it’s common name of Lavender tree came about. Orthosiphon labiatus is a pretty pink flowering shrub that also has fragrant leaves. Plant it in the sun or semi shade. Tarchonanthus camphoratus also has an apt common name of Camphor Bush. It also has many medicinal uses and some women use the crushed leaves to perfume their hair. Great screening shrub which is also frost and drought hardy. Tulbaghia fragrans also has a name that alludes to the flowers and the leaves. They are edible too! Vepris lanceolata or White Ironwood , another descriptive common name, is a small tree so it would be perfect for a townhouse garden. Zanthoxylum capense or Small Knobwood leaves smell of cardamon and lemon and their trunk is covered by knobs. It’s another tree for a butterfly garden.