During June, July and August the Clivia seed is red, or yellow, if you have yellow flowering plants, and is ripe and ready to be planted. Scrape off the fleshy outer covering, which is apparently very good for your nails and cuticles. Spray the seed with Jik to prevent mould. Place the seed on top of the soil in a seed tray and cover with leaf litter or chunky compost. Water and wait. Don’t be surprised when the root comes out first and goes up in the air before bending down into the soil. This root seems to drag the seed down and the leaves will soon unfold. They will take about 5 years to flower, so when they are about 1 year old you can plant them into individual pots. Bear in mind that they love living close together so don’t feel tempted to split your clumps too frequently. Once split, they sulk and refuse to flower for a year.