Not only is Cinnamon a delicious herb to use in the kitchen, it is also very useful in the garden. 1. Fungus. If you plants are suffering from mould or fungus, sprinkle with cinnamon as it has wonderful anti fungal properties. This also applies to house plants. 2. Repels ants. To stop ants from entering your house, sprinkle the doorways with cinnamon and that will stop them in their tracks. 3. Rooting Agent for cuttings/slips. After cutting your slip, dip it into water and then into cinnamon to speed up rooting. 4. Deters pests. Sprinkle cinnamon on the ground and on your plants to deter bugs and flies 5. In order to keep your children’s sand pit soil free of bugs, sprinkle with cinnamon for a healthy alternative to poisons.