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Newspapers make great mulch

This is the time of the year when we need to mulch in order to keep the soil warm, moist and weed free. Spread newspaper between your plants and cover with bark chips, pebbles or compost. The newspaper will break

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Nitrogen deficiency

If your plant looks sick and the leaves are yellow, it could be the result of a nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Sprinkle some unflavoured gelatine around the plant and this should cure the problem.

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over fertilizing

If the leaves looked like they are burnt or if they look dried and are falling off, this could indicate that you are over feeding. Cut back on the fertilizer and remember that less is more!

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Photograph your garden annually.

It can be very demoralizing when starting a garden from scratch. When we established the garden on our plot, we planted little trees that never seemed to grow! It was only when I looked back at the previous years photographs

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Plant a pot in a pot

If you are dealing with a mass of roots under a tree, dig out the roots and place an empty pot in the hole. Into that pot one can place a potted plant that will grow happily without the competition

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Indigenous house plants will clear toxins and pollutants from your environments as well as providing oxygen. One only needs 2 plants for every 100 square meters. Think of shade loving plants especially from the Sanseviera family, the Mother-in-law’s tongue.

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How to plant a tree.

When planting a tree, dig the hole bigger and deeper than the bag. A square hole will stop the roots from going round and round. Once that is done, fill the hole with water and leave it to dissipate into

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ingredients for a pot to look stunning

There are 3 ingredients to ensure that your pot will be a show stopper. Firstly you need a THRILLER to attract attention and that should be a striking plant, or one with interesting flowers or foliage. Then you need some

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