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Killing Onion Weed

Onion weed was very difficult to get rid of as each plant has masses of bulbs. It seeds its self freely. Cut off the flower spikes as soon as you see them as ‘one year’s seed is seven year’s weeds’

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Gifts for gardeners.

Your garden loving friends would be delighted to receive any of the following gifts: packets of seed, note book and pen, hand cream and sun cream, a subscription to a gardening magazine, a gift voucher from their favourite nursery,earthworm composting

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Don’t waste the water!

When you have boiled your veggies, don’t throw that water down the drain. Leave it to cool then use it ti water your plants. They will benefit from the added vitamins.

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Fabaceae trees for nitrogen fixing.

These trees will fix nitrogen in your soil. Podalyria calyptrada, Calpurnia aurea, Mundulae sericea, Psoralea pinnata, Virgilia oroboides and the Erythrina family – caffra, humeana, latissima and lysistemon.

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Cleaning your pruners/secateurs

Using steelwool and an old toothbrush clean your secateurs using hot soapy water. One of our landscapers puts all her staff’s small tools and secateurs into the dishwasher! Sharpen the beveled edge with a file working in 1 direction only,

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Coffee in the garden

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds as they will decompose if you put them into your compost heap. They can also be sprinkled on the soil to deter ants, snails, slugs and cats. Place them around acid loving plants like

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Coloured water in your rain gauge

Sometimes it’s really difficult to read the amount of rain in the rain gauge. Try putting a few drops of liquid food colouring like red or green into the bottom of the rain gauge and see if that helps the

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Compost is gardener’s gold

It’s easy to make compost in a heap above the ground. Place large sticks on the ground as this will allow for air to flow into the compost heap. Pile up layers keeping lawn clippings separate by using leaves and

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