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Butterfly “puddler”

To encourage butterflies we need to plant host plants that will proving nutritious leaves for the caterpillars, their favourite nectar plants and a place for them to drink fresh water. This can be made in a shallow dish or an

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Butterfy food table

Place a large shallow dish in a secluded area of the garden. This is the butterfly feeder. Place your over ripe fruit, especially bananas, onto the feeder and your butterflies will be delighted.

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2L bottle drip irrigation

Save your plastic 2 L bottles as they come in handy as a drip irrigation for newly planted trees and shrubs. Puncture holes all around the bottle and bury it alongside the tree. Fill the bottle with water and it

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World Environment Day

World Environment Day on Sunday 5 June certainly promotes a greater appreciation of nature, the environment and the universe. We witness, with horror man’s greed, waste and total disrespect for the environment. We can make a difference in our own

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Yellow leaves that fall off

In very wet times or as a result of over watering, the leaves may turn yellow and fall off. This indicates that magnesium and iron has leached out of the soil. Dissolve 220 grams of Epsom Sats in 10 litres

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Water for the birds

Having birds visit your garden is a joy. Do provide them with a birdbath or a water feature in which then can bath and drink and keep the pump set on slow. It’s fun to keep a list of the

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